In EnglishThe editorial policy of the
Skamija magazine

“An ox is taken by the horn, and a man by his word”

An ancient proverb from Lika is the perfect embodiment of the editorial policy of Skamija.

Many generations of the large and numerous Vunjak family were schooled in uncomfortable, ascetic wooden benches (skamijas), preparing for all the challenges that life could bring. It is a privilege for the descendants of this proud, humble, honest and hardworking people, who have joined together their forces to revive the Skamija magazine, to fight against distortions and  misinterpretations of the turbulent, exciting, often tragic but always honorable history of the members of the Vunjak family.

The editorial team of this magazine, founded long ago by Ljubomir Vunjak, warmly welcomes you, our readers, with the utmost desire to publish only truth and nothing but the truth about the past, present and the future of our family and about fortunate or unhappy lives of its members. We are looking forward to news about weddings, births, and success in business and personal spheres, as well as successful use of the experience of the older generations.

It goes without saying that our online magazine welcomes all those who do not carry the Vunjak surname, but proudly consider themselves members of our family – those whose fathers, husbands, grandfathers, uncles or aunts... belonged to our family. For generations, honest and hardworking members of the Vunjak family have earned the respect of their schoolmates, neighbors, colleagues, and fellow soldiers during wartime. We will gladly and gratefully publish their testimonies about members of our family.

“Such beef, such broth”, says and old proverb from Lika. The family of Vunjak has survived for centuries, despite the hard times.

Dear members of the Vunjak family, Skamija Online welcomes your contributions. Write about your hopes and dreams, your successes and your disappointments. Ask for and give advice.

We do not censor, shorten or edit published articles. Of course, members of the Vunjak family are expected not to promote religious, racial, gender-based, ideological or any other kind of hatred. Such articles would not have been published by our founder, Ljubomir Vunjak, nor by the present editorial team.

However, we do not expect that any such articles would be submitted!

08. 12. 2012.
Davorin Darko Ribnikar
Translated by Bojan R. Golubović