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Dear readers,

It is great pleasure to present you the Skamija Online magazine, which is a far descendant of Skamija, first published in 1934, whose founder, editor and owner was an enthusiastic young journalist, Ljubomir Vunjak. Unfortunately, his magazine was short-lived and only two issues were published. The reasons for this outcome were known only to the editor himself. However, more than seven decades later, Ljubomir Vunjak's daughters, Ljiljana Vunjak Ribnikar and Mirjana Vunjak Zikic, decided to revive their father's magazine, Skamija, and bring it up-to-date in accordance with today's standards of e-publishing, with the aim to turn it into an online portal dedicated to the Vunjak family and everyone who shares the same interests. A group of volunteer enthusiasts – members of the Vunjak family and their friends, with more passion and eagerness to participate in the project than actual experience in publishing – came together, joining their forces to create the first issue of the magazine. Excerpts from the published series of books, Genealogy of the Vunjak Family, were also used in the magazine. It was our intention to make the family tree and the history of the Vunjak family available to all our relatives, scattered around the globe, who are still, unfortunately, unaware of each other's existence. We want Skamija to become a place for the members of the family to meet and get to know each other.

Skamija Onlinewas launched on 1 November 2012, on the very same day as the first issue of the old Skamija, which appeared on 1 November 1934. Both Cyrillic and Latin scripts have been used, just like in the original magazine.

The first issue of Skamija Onlinehas begun its own life through the articles and pictures published in it, a life independent from its authors. We recommend it to your attention and welcome your comments, opinions, critics, suggestions, as well as your contributions that will be published in future issues. We publish all texts in their original script and language.


Translated by Bojan R. Golubović